Research Institute for Chemistry

established in 1944

Services and Equipment

Research and Development

Each of the institute’s 12 laboratories does the specific R&D. For more information, please visit the laboratory’s page.


The Research Institute for Chemistry provides services in such fields as chemical analysis, material testing, examination of environmental objects, determination of the waste hazard category and other fields of chemistry .  Besides, in the Institute you can commission some research or do it by yourself on the modern scientific equipment.

These services are provided by the accredited Testing and Analytical Centre and the Common Use Centre “New Materials and Resource-saving Technologies” of the Research Institute for Chemistry.

To get more information about services and equipment visit the official website:


The Institute has its own Cryogenic Equipment which produces more than 120 liters of liquid nitrogen.

In the Glass-blowing Laboratory experienced glass-blowers make instruments and laboratory glassware.

In the Laboratory of Chromatography you can buy calibration gas mixtures in the pressure cylinders.